28 Sep 2012

Troncast: It’s ON like TRON

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Greetings, programs! Welcome to the world’s first and only ongoing Troncast: It’s ON Like TRON! Hosted by Michael Mercy and the Tron-Sector‘s TRON.dll (aka Jeff), we’ll be downloading into the grid every week to discuss the world of Tron, past, present and future. With the amazing new animated series “Tron: Uprising” going on, we’ll be focusing our first shows on reviewing the existing episodes as well as the new ones due out starting in Oct. So grab your disc, rev up your lightcycle and get ready to emit a warm, neon glow.


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4 Responses to “Troncast: It’s ON like TRON”

  1. Adrienne Morin says:
  2. Excellent work!

    This offers good coverage of various points to be found amid Tron: Legacy and Tron: Uprising, be it the animation style, choices of compositional style, impacts of voice actors, choreography style in Uprising, and a number of other factors.

    You also discuss a number of other small nuances, little appreciable details, and matter which makes Uprising (and the Tron material overall) come to life.

    I would gladly welcome more Troncasts!

    Unfortunately I was not aware of this for the longest time, and it would be good to hear if you have any active presence and incentive on other channels of social media. Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter; I’m certain that many a Program would also help by speaking up about your Troncasts!

    Thank you for all of your time an investment. I look forward to more!

  3. I absolutely loved this!

    The insight you guys gave to this show, even with simply the first episode was amazing, and I agree wholeheartedly with what you said and are doing with this! It’s a shame you didn’t continue with your podcasts per episode, as it would have been wonderful to hear your points of view. There’s simply SO much to be discussed about the other episodes, I really feel we’re missing out! It really gives room for debate on the elements brought into it, one particular interesting point of interest was Cyrus. How many of us feel that way even now??

    I truly hope you choose to continue this podcast ^_^ Better late than never! :D It will give us fellow Tron fans something in the absence of new episodes, to help us remember and be inspired by, and help bring us together.
    Perhaps you could also get some questions and/or opinions from fellow fans as well! To talk about and share with us. I think it’d be really neat.

    I think what you’ve done is really special, and if we can get the word out to fellow Tron fans about this it will definitely bring us together ^_^


  4. awesome guys- loved the material covered. hooray comprehensive! keep up the good work.

  5. This podcast was fabulous! The links made between the tron films and the mini-series is absolutely phenomenal! I love the reference to Star Wars, as i mention to someone TRON: Uprising, i always end up bringing up Clone Wars. Great job guys, looking forward to many more podcasts

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