7 Oct 2012

It’s On Like Tron Episode 2

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Greetings, programs! Mercy and Jeff (aka TRON.dll) are back to discuss Tron: Uprising episode 2: The Renegade Part 1. Spread the word…TRON LIVES!


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  1. One word: Amazing! :D Great job you guys! I loved the little tidbits and speculations/thoughts on later episodes as well that had yet to be released. I am SO happy you continued this :D I really liked how you brought up the significance and power behind Tron’s name. It’s so true and amazing how respected he is by the people of their world <3 He's truly someone people can believe in wholeheartedly, he is hope and light, he's the one they turn to when things go astray or wrong, that they can count on always <3 Truly an amazing podcast! I've shared this via Twitter in hopes of spreading the word. Tron Lives! :D

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