26 Apr 2013

Troncast: It’s ON like TRON Episode 3

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Greetings, programs! Welcome to the world’s first and only ongoing Troncast: It’s ON Like TRON, hosted by Michael Mercy and the Tron-Sector‘s TRON.dll (aka Jeff). Back by popular demand, TRONCAST LIVES! Behold our lost episode, filmed during the mid-season break of Tron: Uprising (hence the speculation over the series’ future).

Big shout out to Adrienne Morin, Astraica Devinlight and Sean Koury for their support in spreading the word about the podcast.

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So grab your disc, rev up your lightcycle and get ready to emit a warm, neon glow.


4 Responses to “Troncast: It’s ON like TRON Episode 3”

  1. Firstly: Thank you SO much for making another episode :D It really made my day!
    Secondly: It -is- On like Tron! <3

    I love your insights and connections you've made to the movies and game. It -really- gave more depth to the episodes. Having played the Evolution game myself, I really appreciated the reference to the wall climbing and gameplay incorporated into the way they moved/fought on the Grid. The crowd theory was a really insightful fact to bring into it as well! I loved the in-depth analysis you gave to that and how the people are reacting to Clu's rule, it's much like Medieval times, the insights into Beck's decisions and how he's really becoming the next Tron, and especially the just how strong Tron really is. How he's constantly fighting the virus within him, similarly to the X-Men character: Cable, the sheer strength of will and control that would take is super-anything! The insight into it being almost living was interesting too… It never occurred to me before you mentioned it, but it seems very plausible. Terrifying, and sets a whole new level of personal strength on Tron himself <3 I love how you guys make us really think about the show!
    How you guys talk about minor-characters and their development is absolutely great! You don't focus simply on the main characters, and in the Tron universe, all characters are important and have SO much more personality than most shows <3 You really fall in love with all of them :D They don't just throw in characters and have them there simply for this or that reason, they give them a personality and focus of their own, and I LOVED the development they gave every one of them! One of my favorites is Luke. You see him in an upcoming epi. and you'd think that'd be it, he's just "There" for that race. No, he becomes a major role in a later episode, works at Able's Garage, and gets Character Development. The writers of the show have NO idea how Happy I am that they did that! <3 :D It was SO nice to see that happen, I actually squeed when I realized that, "Hey! It's that guy from the last episode that we barely saw anything of!" And Zed really is SUCH a great character :D He has guts, he just doesn't show it that often, I think he's just a really nice guy who's more easy going :) Later episodes show that ^_^ And the sheer amount of control and awesomeness that Tron exacts by using the lightwall from his… Tronsub?? (It's like the Batsub but better X3 I don't know what to call it), to separate the two lightboats <3 And he just goes on about his business as though it's nothing. Does he know how AWESOME he was in that moment?! *Flails* I don't think many people would've thought about that. SO glad you pointed that out!
    I know I've not said much about it, but it's really great how you've put so much insight into Beck's character :D

    You guys are Awesome! Tron Lives! <3

  2. *Link not Luke was the character name, sorry >.<

  3. I’m off to listen to this. Just waiting for the CD to burn (don’t ask!) Glad you did another episode.

  4. AnnaElaine says:
  5. Thank you SO much! :) TRONLIVES!

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